What is a psychological technical report?

A forensic psychologist can write a technical report requested by a client involved in any legal proceeding, therefore is a private report made for the clients themselves or the attorney. The aim of my work is to give an answer to the areas requested to be made a psychological report about. You’ll find accompaniment all through the process with psychological support and clear and simple information. The expert opinion will be written and signed down in due time and will be ratified and defended in the oral hearing if necessary.


Adults and minors.

– Psychological technical reports in all areas regarding separations, divorces, ending of common-law partners…

– Assessment/evaluation of family contexts as of:

  • Psychological state
  • Custody schedules suitability
  • Parenting capacities
  • Fathers-kids/Mothers-kids/Siblings’ relationships
  • Affective bonds

– Visiting Schedule modifications.

– Custody systems.

– Realization of parenting plans.

– Psychological effects and harm.

– Witness credibility.

– Cognitive and volitional capacities.

– Personality evaluation.

– Capacities and incapacities evaluation. (vouching, handling finances…)

– Report ratification in oral hearings.

Psychological Technical Report Phases

  1. First interview

First contact with client where they explain the case and its circumstances. Questions will be asked about the motivation behind the report request. We will discuss the approach and any doubts will be cleared. Professional order conditions will be set.

  1. Forensic interviews and tests

When we have the strategy clearly defined, I’ll gather all the information by interviews and psychological tests with the main subjects involved in the case. All additional external information will be studied as well.

  1. Technical report write up

After all the information gathering, this will be analyzed and processed, and the psychological technical report will be made. The report has certain sections determined by Col·legi Psicologia Catalunya (COPC), and the questions regarding the objective of the report will be answered in a clear way for everyone involved.

  1. Feedback interview

Obtained information and results will be explained and the signed report will be handed over to the client. This may be used as evidence in court.

  1. Report ratification and oral hearing attendance

If requested by the court, I’ll attend the oral hearing in order to explain and defend the report, as provided by art. 292 of LEC (Ley 13/2009 of November, 3rd)